February 04, 2015

Issue VI - February 2015


F E B R U A R Y  2 0 1 5

 T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

  • Barbara: By Gods' Invitation
  • Dale Decker: The Deadly Currents of the Windago
  • Robbert-jan Rozenkruis: The Oracle & Ancient Priesthood of Dodona 
  • Dale Decker: A New Awakening 
  • Eric Tecce: The Outweighing Good of the World 
  • AnnMarie Patten: La Luna

    Maastricht is one of the Netherlands' best-kept secrets

    Two years ago I visited the beautiful town of Maastricht and I met with Robbert-jan. Maastricht has erected during the Roman days and owes its name to her position alongside the river Maas and is an adaptation from “Mosae Trajectum” which in Latin means river crossing. I felt that this very special time in Maastricht was a crossing and a transformation for me.
    Being twice as far from Amsterdam as it is from Brussels, the city, in the province of Limburg, feels more Continental than particularly Dutch. Limburg has only been a permanent part of the Netherlands since 1839. Out on a limb down in the far south of the country, it's resplendent with undulating hills, vineyards and sun.
    To the east is the gleamingly hip Wyck-Ceramique area, where antique shops are complemented by contemporary designers. You can walk from one end of this diminutive city to the other in half an hour, taking in enough sights to make your heart sing.
    Add in its multilingual population, proximity to the German and Belgian (both the Flemish and Walloon regions are within easy reach of the centre)

    Robbert-jan with umbrella that gave him shelter from the burning sun that day.
    When Robbert-jan and I met, our protector Gods met too and we all existed in a wonderful space of godly energies where we all blended and transformed. Christian Rosenkreutz was present too; I was able to connect to him and this is what he communicated to me:
    "Thank you for coming here, you are now being united with Robbert-jan’s female god protectors including Astarte. There is a tower in Maastricht which is the most magical spot in town; I have visited this place in spirit as well as my physical body. We are holding the ladder for you to climb up to the top. There is a scorpion sign in a circle which is the sign of royal death and intimacy. If you are looking for me, I am lying on Robbert-jan’s body. There are many gods in this space. The wheel will turn and the dance will start. But who is going to turn the wheel? Only gods can. Astaroth will invite another High God who is predominantly male to turn the wheel and unite female and male energies. Astaroth wants you to perform a ceremony to give to Robbert his power to rule; he is the scorpion and you are the cobra."
    Pater Vink tower in Maastricht

    The same night I performed a ceremony on Robbert-jan to give him strength to continue with his transformation. I stood on his left and Christian stood on his right. Many gods were moving around us and assisting us to bring light down on his bodies. I moved my hands over his body to settle the energy and make it flow regularly. Christian also had his hands over Robbert-jan’s body. I also saw him holding a book looking at Robbert-jan’s life time and previous reincarnations. I was able to get glimpses of what was written in the book.

    Astaroth appeared and instructed me to put my left hand on his heart and with my other hand to make cyclical movements over his lower body. I followed her instruction and I was able to see inside his body, his organs, blood, arteries and the different motions. As I was moving my hand more and more, I was able to see clearer and also restore different functions. Robbert-jan continued his transformation during his sleep. This was my gift to him but also to the gods who were present.
    Barbara Rozenkruis

    This is a story of some historical events of a tragedy that had taken place over a century ago in Northern Canada. These events are well documented in Canadian and American newspapers that were circulated at that time. It is a horrendous and grotesque tale that has an occult significance that may serve as a warning for students who are journeying down the path of the occult mysteries.

    It is an occult scientists lesson that is aimed at teaching the untrained about the dangers of traversing through the lower regions of the astral plane and encountering its kindred inhabitants. It is rare but any individual no matter what their social position maybe, whether he or she has been initiated into the arcane sciences or not; such a story of the events that will be described does not lie outside the realm of possibility. This is the story of Swift Runner and his horrible fate.

    Swift Runner was an aboriginal of the Cree tribe who was born at an unknown date during the early nineteenth century somewhere in Northern Canada, possibly Northern Alberta. Not much can be said about the earlier part of his life because there are no surviving records. So we shall assume that his childhood and adolescence seemed to be averaged for growing up in the Cree tribe as he was most likely taught the Cree traditions of living that have been passed down for untold millennia. 

    According to some of the remaining records as an adult he was six-foot three with a morbid and somewhat startling appearance. He had a turbulent life dealing with the white-man's poison* which would get him into all sorts of trouble. He also lived the married life and had five children and he supported them by being a trader with the Hudson's Bay Company and a guide for the North West Mounted Police. 

    Swift Runner's life was quite common amongst the Cree in those days, but that was about to change.

    * alcohol. Whiskey was what got Swift Runner into trouble. Alcohol was unknown to the aboriginal tribes of North America before the European settlers set foot on the continent.

    During the harsh cold winter of 1878-79 Swift Runner and his family which also included his brother and mother lived in a secluded cabin. This was a time period of famine that ravaged these northern Cree people, along with the icy grip of the polar winter.

    As starvation set in the averaged man that Swift Runner had become was beginning to change and transform, something had entered his consciousness, an unseen force grew within him with such a malignance which is unspeakable by most of today's standards.

    Swift Runner fell into a deep psychosis(as the psychologist's term it) and began to suffer from many delusions and violent outbursts. His nightly dreams were permeated with the horrid images of the one who was to take his family away from him and him away from himself.

    As the bone chilling winter continued on the transformed Swift Runner ended up murdering his entire family by shooting and bludgeoning them to death. He dismembered their corpses, cooked them, and consumed them, there was even evidence to show that he removed marrow from their bones for consumption. 

    His campsite was the scene of an atrocity. As the winter of 1879 came to an end he emerged from the wilderness as if nothing had ever happened. The strange force had departed his consciousness. 

    Suspicion grew amongst his other family members and they became concerned about his missing family because he could not give a truthful story about their whereabouts. So they became worried and decided to notify the North West Mounted Police who were a young police force at that time.

    Inspector Severe Gagnon began his investigation into their disappearance and sent a small group of his force to Swift Runner's camp. As they encountered Swift Runner at his camp they questioned him about his families whereabouts and he first showed them a small grave near his camp where one of his young sons was buried. 

    Swift Runner calmly explained to them that he died of starvation, the police opened the grave and found the bones undisturbed and this corroborated his story. As the police investigated further they found more human bones scattered around the campsite and it was then that Swift Runner confessed and gave the details of what happened to the rest of his family.

    Swift Runner described to the police force that he was haunted by a spirit that he called the Windago and that it permeated his nightmares and it drove him to devour the people around him-his family. 

    He described how the spirit possessed him slowly but surely until he finally became the Windago itself and how it commanded one of his sons to kill and dismember his younger brother. It was later proven that Swift Runner murdered his wife and the rest of his family for the purpose of cannibalising their remains.

    He was arrested and taken along with the mutilated remains to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. He was convicted and his trial took place on the 8th of August 1879. Swift Runner openly admitted his guilt, but the judge and jury did not accept his Windago tale and they sentenced him to death by hanging.

    The gallows were built in Fort Saskatchewan on the cold stormy mourning of the 20th of December 1879 as Swift Runner was being led to them. The execution was delayed for over thirty minutes as Sheriff Edouard Richard had been delayed by the winter snow storm, the hangman who went by the name Rogers appeared nervous as this was his first execution.

    As Swift Runner awaited his dire fate he sat near one of the bonfires, chatting, laughing, and snacking on a paste of dry lean meat and melted fat with the thick noose around his neck. He calmly stated to the others: " i could kill myself with a tomahawk(axe) and save the hangman the trouble". He was offered to have a priest present before his execution; but he refused it, saying: " the white man has ruined me, i don't think their God could amount to much".... A crowd had gathered around the gallows to witness his execution, he was tied to the gallows and just before the execution he was given the opportunity to give last words to the crowd. He admitted his guilt and thanked his captors for taking care of him while in custody, he also grew irritated with the hangman for making him wait in the cold. At 7:30am the trap door swung open and Swift Runner swiftly dropped five feet, he died without a struggle. The body was cut down and buried outside the fort.

    The Windago*or spirit that tormented and drove Swift Runner to commit his atrocious acts was and is known as an entity with many different variations in its description in many different North American aboriginal cultures. The majority of the tribes describe the Windago's as invisible supernatural beings that have spiritual power, they describe them as having the appearance of a giant stature, 

    with skin the colour of ash, pushed back eye-sockets, bloody lips, emancipated bodies, along with the odour of rotting flesh which was a sign of their presence.

    *they are also called weendigo, witiko, waindigo, windiga, and wihtikow

    The natives also confirm that the Windago spirits are capable of entering the bodies of the greedy, the hungry, and the blood-thirsty who prayed upon innocence. It is quite common among their stories that these spirits begin their manifestation in the dream-life of their victims and from that point the horrid retrogression of the victim begins as a madness and craving for the consumption of dead corpses. 

    The outcome of such conditions for the Windago victims was usually suicide or penalties of death. The lucky ones were healed by traditional shamanic healers and the medical practises of the early European settlers and colonialists. There were even ancient ceremonial dances, costume wearing, drum-beating among the different tribal cultures during times of hardship to warn of the Windago threat.

    Early twentieth century psychology had even considered the phenomenon of this condition to be a mental disorder or syndrome and have termed it the "Windago Psychosis" which induces unsettling impulses and delusional cravings for human flesh, blood, and bone. They say that the condition had its origins among the Algonquian tribes of the past and it became a much rarer occurrence as time passed into our modern times.

    With all that has been said so far, we shall now investigate how the occult scientist views this ghastly phenomenon without the methods of present day psychology, anthropology, and mythology. The occult scientist views all things within the seven kingdoms(mineral, plant, animal, human, planet, star, and galaxy) of nature existing as different manifestations of energy within forms; not only in the physical realm, 

    but also in the astral(soul) and mental(spirit) realms. These three planes of conscious existence are all subdivided into seven sub-planes or different states of the manifestations of consciousness that have varying rates of vibration and functions. In total it is twenty-one different levels of matter and energy that the seven kingdoms of nature have their conscious development. To give actual descriptions of all these states and their functions within the seven kingdoms of nature would require the writing of a book with over a thousand pages to cover this complicated subject.

    • In this subject(Windago) we shall examine the first four sub-planes of the astral plane and its effects on the lowest sub-plane(solids) of the physical plane which is the plane that the five physical senses(sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) perceives the external environment.

    The astral plane is a manifestation of seven varied forms of luminous matter that have different rates of vibration and it exists above and within the physical plane. It is not the type of light that is emitted from a light-bulb or how our eyesight is familiar with perceiving daylight, it is a type of light that has a much higher or faster rate of vibration making it invisible to ordinary physical eyesight.* Each sub-plane interpenetrates and has a faster rate of vibration than the one below it and the higher up you go it becomes more subtle and less dense until it becomes undifferentiated.

    * the remaining senses also have their astral counterparts that cannot be perceived on the physical plane. This does not mean that it is impossible to perceive the astral realm. The astral senses can be developed with special occult methods.

    The occult scientist understands how this light manifests and is capable of applying methods to make this invisible light visible to the eyesight or as well as being able to project consciousness within these planes. There will come a time in humanities far distant future when this astral light will become apart of our perception just like in the far distant past. The unfoldment of these periods in the future is commonly known as Ascension which is now in its infant stages of development. This is a very complicated occult teaching that is not related to the events in this story and that is all that can be said about the Ascension process for now.

    When the physical body of a person has died the astral body(commonly known as soul) is separated from the physical body which decomposes and returns to its appropriate sub-planes on the physical plane. The astral body is a luminous copy of the person that had once lived, it is an astral image with its ego, its memories and desires from the life that it just lived,and it is composed of astral matter from all the sub-planes of the astral plane. First the astral body remains in the first four sub-planes of the astral plane and there it experiences its own death as its atomic energies begin to dissolve in the first, second, third and fourth sub-planes. As the rate of vibration becomes faster the astral body dissolves and passes on up into the three higher interpenetrating regions until it finally becomes a form of undifferentiated luminous energy which continues to pass into the higher mental sub-planes and into the heaven world.*

    * again we come across another complex occult teaching that is unrelated to this work. The esoteric concepts of the heaven world can be found in the theosophical teachings about devachan and nirvana.

    These four lower sub-planes of the astral plane are the regions that contain all the corresponding forms of all things on the physical plane, in other words these regions contains all the scenery of the physical plane. 

    The density of these forms is the greatest on the first sub-plane, it looses its density in the second, third and fourth sub-planes and so on. The astral bodies of its human inhabitants(living or dead) are also subjected to this density variation, the more dense these astral bodies of the deceased are the more highly attracted they become to the first three sub-planes(solids, liquids, and gases) of the physical plane.
    • Individuals who became deceased as a result of suicide, murder, execution, or untimely death remain in the first four sub-planes of the astral plane for long periods because the atomic structures of their astral bodies requires much more time to dissolve because they contain much more energy then the astral body of a person who has expired from old age or disease. Eventually they dissolve and pass on up to the three higher regions of the astral plane.
    The occult scientist calls them shades, shells, or silent shadows which are commonly known as ghosts or spooks that can be attracted to the first three sub-planes of the physical plane if a connection with those still living is established. Any type of remembering, praising, mourning, suffering, tribute, or even the slightest vapour of blood on the physical plane can attract these astral shades that are slowly dissolving within the four sub planes of the astral plane. 

    Eventually their astral bodies will experience the completion of the second death on the astral plane to pass on to the heaven world to continue the complex developments of the cycles of death and rebirth.

    Another type of astral shade or shell that remains in the lower regions of the astral plane are those who have lived a very negative physical existence, the ones who have committed all sorts of evil acts while living. 

    The evil deeds of the desire aspect of their astral bodies can establish connections with the physical plane which prolongs their stay in the lower astral regions, especially the first sub-plane of the astral plane where their interaction with the physical plane is the greatest. Some of these beings have the most twisted and strangest appearances because they are in different stages of disintegration. 

    They feed off the life-substance* of the living who attract them, they are like invisible vampires or parasitic denizens who are constantly seeking a living host that has unfulfilled needs, desires, obsessions, that correspond to their own. In India these astral shells are called Pisachas and they are highly feared.**

    *astral substance of the aura and the pranic and nerve energies in the blood of living persons. Modern day science has acquainted these energies with electromagnetic energies.

    **there is an historic account in the theosophical archives of a remote village in India whose people paid homage to these types of astral entities on the first sub-plane of the astral plane. The villagers viewed them as gods and goddesses. Each day the villagers would intensely worship them and give them offerings of cereal and fruit. When food became scarce and offerings could not be made mysterious fires would ignite in treetops and in all kinds of unlikely places where it would be impossible for human hands to ignite.

    The North American aboriginals and their concepts and experiences of and with the Windago's have been around for a long time period and began to die out as the modernization of the world had greatly and swiftly unfolded in the last century. From an occult perspective the Windago spirits of the ancient aboriginals were the results of many periods through the past centuries when they were faced with famine and hardship resulting in untold numbers of untimely deaths. The Windago spirits were the undissolved astral bodies of those ancient unfortunate peoples who once lived in physical bodies like you and me.

    They were the ones who by all sorts of means committed unlawful acts to survive one day more, the worst aspect of these acts was the transformation(murder) of the living into the dead so that they could be cannabalized to purge the great pains of hunger. In return these poor souls in their emaciated physical bodies suffered untimely deaths which prolonged the stay of their desire filled astral bodies in the lower regions of the astral plane to enter the dreams* of the living who were passing through the same trials.

    *when we dream while asleep we enter the first sub-plane of the astral plane and it is possible to enter the higher sub-planes while dreaming but this is rare.

    The cold* and the starvation that Swift Runner had to face was the great invitation for the Windago infection of his soul to spread and take control. It was the perfect opportunity for a trapped departed soul to gain access to the physical plane to feed of the life-substance of Swift Runner's suffering and carnage to avoid the second death on the astral plane just like it tried to avoid its first death on the physical plane in another period of time long before Swift Runner's incarnation. 

    Swift Runner and his families untimely deaths were there first deaths on the physical plane and their astral bodies could be still dissolving on the astral plane, shedding its remaining densities of luminous astral matter to reunite with the luminous densities of the higher astral regions. The Second death for them on the astral plane would be a benevolent outcome for both the living and the dead in this strange tale of events.

    * most of the aboriginal cultures share the opinion that the Windago spirits are attracted to cold weather. The occult scientist who possesses astral vision would perceive these astral entities and the cold environments that it had lived in when they were incarnate on the physical plane. The astral plane is much larger then the physical plane. It is a storehouse of images from the past and the present. This is why it is called the Memory of Nature.

    It would be wrong to limit the Windago phenomenon to the North American aboriginal cultures because it is only one out of the myriads of similar events that have unfolded through the ages of humanities existence. It is a phenomenon that can have a multiplicity of different manifestations as a result of the conditions that create them. They are the results of the unseen laws of nature that can take place in unsuspecting parts of the globe at any time period. We can see some other strange physical conditions that effect the astral plane in the darker sides of the Voodoo and Santeria religions, as well as in the stories of Adolfo Constanzo's cauldron of horrors or the Hermetic masters and their strange mixtures of plants, metals and bodily fluids that attract and project the vibrations of the astral plane. All these actions were and are invitations for the silent shadows who are trapped in the lower regions of the astral plane who are not ready to traverse around the great circle of life.

    The psychologists are right in classifying Swift Runner's condition as a syndrome or psychosis but they have not uprooted the unseen roots of these conditions. How many psychologist's do you know that possess astral vision? Would you expect them to explain to you the seven variations of unseen light that permeates all things along with the complex functions that they perform? It is highly unlikely. There are many occult truths that have been known for thousands of years that have been slowly but surely accepted by science in the past and there will come a time in the future when much more will be revealed and accepted.

    The events and topics explained here is the understanding, teaching and warning from an occult scientist* who perceives the multiplicity of life on different levels as being a single unit. This work is his service to humanity in the form of knowledge that will teach those who are at the gateway or are already travelling down the path of the AGELESS WISDOM.

    *Dale Manuel Decker

                The Roots of the Founders of Pantheon of Aeternam

     Robbert-jan Rozenkruis (see pictures) was at the Oracle last year November 2014. (Dodona/ Greece). Dodona was the centre of ancient mystery schools that was supported by the high gods of The Pleroma. 

    Panorama of the theatre of Dodona, the modern village Dodoni and the snow-capped Mount Tomaros are visible in the background

      Herodotus noted the religious transference from the earlier earth-mother-goddess to a pantheon of gods between Greece and Egypt, at the same time confirming the status of Dodona as the first Greek oracle site, and places the existence of oracles before the gods. Apart from Zeus, a number of other Gods passed teachings to the priesthood in Dodona. 

      "After a long lapse of time the names of the gods came to Greece from Egypt… not long after the arrival of the names, they sent to consult the oracle at Dodona about them. This is the most ancient oracle in Greece, and at that time there was no other."-Herodotus.

    View of the bouleuterion in Dodona
    Robbert-jan Rozenkruis at Dodona


    Robbert-jan Rozenkruis had his visit at the Oracle & Sacred place (Dodona/ Greece). Dodona was the centre of ancient mystery school that was supported by the high gods of the Pleroma Robbert-jan had his initiation that day at Dodona. In this initiation Robbert-jan was directed and guided by the Gods Thoth and Astaroth. The purpose of his initiation was to be reconnected with his roots, to be reminded of his task and accept it as his life purpose (true- self). The gods tuned him to the sacred energies of Dodona. He experienced healing, clarity, transformation & growth. The reason that he decided to change his sigil after this initiation was because of the two snakes that came out of the grass and moved in front of him. This was during his initiation. The Snakes became the symbol of his sacred initiation. It was revealed to him that in a previous life was one of Dodona's ancient priests who had fulfilled his purpose successfully. Astaroth & Thoth told him that many thousands of years ago achieved high growth as a priest in Dodona's earliest years. Now he got his new assignment to establish a new Pantheon in present times; the Pantheon of Aeternam. 
    Robbert-jan Rozenkruis
      "It was the centre of a mystery school and it's members were people who lived around it. The first priests were people who left Egypt."  
    -Goddess Astaroth.

      In ancient times people were already lost and well-being was not anymore a common quality of humanity. They had already experienced fragmentation and the illusion brought to them negativity, pain and disease. What made a difference was their ability to connect to the Earth and being aware of her healing abilities and great range of nutrients which were still growing on the surface of the planet. People were aware of the healing properties of plants and their different uses. Priests combined herbal remedies with energy healing in their ceremonies. The sun, the life giver, was also used for healing as well as the energies of the moon.  

      "The Sacred House for Zeus was my inspiration for Pantheon of Aeternam logo. The oracle itself/ and the priesthood of Dodona was a pantheon of gods which is a link to my roots and what I am part of. Thoth & Astaroth guided me back to my roots last year where I was a successful priest in one of my previous incarnations many thousands of years ago. This place had many temples. This was my home and my first Pantheon.
    -Robbert-jan Rozenkruis

    The layout of the existing Sacred House for Zeus was initiated by Pyrrhus. He had a high wall built – on its inner side open to a portico –, surrounding the prophesying oak tree and the small treasure house.

      The Sacred Oak was the center of Dodona. Priestesses, called Peleiades smile-emoticon (doves), interpreted the rustling of the oak as well as the call and the flight of the doves nesting there to answer the inquiries of the students. 
      Most Mystery Schools and ancient religions wanted to unite humanity with the gods and the astral plane. Priests wanted to unite humanity with Earth. They accepted Earth being the god that can listen to them and naturally connect to her. They understood the Earth elements and used them to connect to Earth's energies. They were pure channels of the energies of goddess Earth and were able to reach her core and create atmospheres similar to the atmospheres in the Earth hollow. They could connect to the energy of all living beings of Earth and this gave them great power. They knew that every being is an energetic field and is able to create many realities and demonstrate the cosmic light in different forms. Super human and weak are different representations of the cosmic light in a being. When you are convinced that you are weak and limited you will produce light whose form is weak and limited.
      One of the many buildings in close proximity to the Sacred House for Zeus is attributed to her. Since she was regarded mother of Aphrodite researchers interpret the remains of another small temple as a precinct in her honour. 

      Many priests and mystery schools tried to connect to the Earth energies, the ones that are coming from the core of the planet. Ancient societies carried a higher light than present human civilisations because even though they were distorted, they maintained their connection to the Earth and the cosmic light and this was an everyday practise. Modern people see themselves as superior; I will say that they are experiencing the most complex and advanced system of illusion that controls every aspect of their lives. Their attachment to illusion is so strong and complete that they are unable to care about their basic needs instead they are happy to poison themselves every day The Ancient priesthood lived in perfect harmony with nature and this is what gave them high consciousness and power to connect to Earth and contribute to her healing process. Earth will be joyful when her children go back to her and are able to communicate with her; this will help her heal and reconnect with the cosmos and the gods creators. The oldest Greek oracle and location of the landing place of the ark in Greek mythology.

      It is sufficient for present to demonstrate the strength of the connection between the regions of Mt. Ararat and that of Dodona, both sharing the same mythological ‘fingerprint’, both on the same latitude, and both equally distanced from Thebes, the ancient navel of Egypt. However, it is clear from Santillana’s work that there is evidence of a complex set of traditions involving the following themes: Navel-stones, Geometry and Astronomy and a flood event.

     Many high priests of that time who were connected to Earth energies. They worked with the energies of Earth and they were able to heal not only human beings but also the planet. This priesthood practised high wisdom for thousands of years but later they were corrupted by other beings who came in contact with. Then they started to focus on their own powers and how to use them for destruction. This is when the ancient priesthood collapsed and a new religion appeared.
    -God Thoth

         In this day and age human limitation is the result of the state of perception that human consciousness is passing through for a certain periodicity which is during this present cycle of the cycles time and development therein. This perception is an awareness of being incarnate or alive within a world of solidified forms where human awareness cannot pass its barrier which is the perception of awareness of the light of the external world which accompanies a dim awareness of the internal world. The great limitation is the great gap that exists in human awareness of the connection between the external, and internal worlds which is the only connection which the human condition is now in, and is a gap that bridges our perception of the five senses, and all the internal functions that are connected with them. The rest of the impassible gap that not many will dare to pass through or cannot pass through belongs to the other states of matter, and force that may seem to be beyond our present state of awareness which is really an illusion. These other states of matter and forces which may seem to be separate from the concrete physical reality that we are a part of are so near to us that they interpenetrate our physical plane and our bodies. For the occult student these other states of matter, and force are what they know, feel, and perceive as the soul, and spirit in which the physical body is their vehicle, and neither of the three are separate during our time of living on this globe, and it is only an illusion to consider them as non-existent or separate from each other. True occultism teaches the individual that they belong, and are a part of these three worlds of body, soul, and spirit which they will in due time become aware that their actual physical body has been, and continues to be molded, grown or built up by the forces of the soul, and spirit.  We perceive this process through the physical senses as we observe the changes in our physical bodies throughout our lifetimes, but this perception is only limited too one out of the three worlds which we know as the physical plane. To trust in only these physical senses we cannot gain access to the other two worlds of soul, and spirit that permeates our entire being which requires a different set of senses in order to perceive, and too gain an awareness of how we exist within these two interior worlds at a level or levels that we can become conscious of.  It is quite obvious that if we did not have two eyes, and two ears our physical world that we would suppose to perceive would be a silent darkness which also applies to the realms of soul and spirit if we had not awakened our inner senses of perception, but yet these inner senses of perception are a lot different then our ones of physical perception, and we as occult students must learn how to awaken these inner senses. 

         As occult students we learn the simple arts of concentration and one-pointedness with all the physical senses which will later aid us in the development of our inner senses. Lets take a look at the aspect of sound, and how this may aid us in developing a perception of certain parts of our soul or astral nature. As we all know from a scientific perspective sound waves cause the particles of an object to vibrate back and forth along the direction of motion of the sound wave, and they are classified as longitudinal waves that can pass through all the phases of matter(gases, liquids, and solids) on the physical plane. Sounds last only as long as its vibration continues to vibrate the tympanums of our ears, as you would notice if you were walking down a street, and a vehicle of any sort passes by; the sound of the engine becomes audible to our ears, and as soon as the vehicle approaches from behind the sound of its engine begins to rise in its intensity until it passes us, and the sound reaches its peak, and then its intensity begins to lower as the vehicle moves further away as it travels down the road. For some people who are a bit more sensitive their inner nature somehow commands them to look at the passing vehicle for a number of reasons, it maybe out of caution or just plane curiosity which are processes that are taking place within our inner beings. An interesting method of developing our capacity to concentrate is by listening, as we may listen to a favorite song or any sort of music which utilizes several different musical instruments. We may direct our auditory attention to a single instrument, and pay specific attention to every sound that the instrument(and excluding the others) is making throughout the entire song, and then do the same with the other instruments. We may also notice that the sound of each instrument will have an effect on our inner levels of being, it may stir the astral waves of our emotions, invoking thoughts of all kinds. We may also turn our attentive listening to the sounds of nature such as birds singing, dogs barking, insects buzzing, people talking or whatever our ears can hear which also can have an effect on our inner nature as we are then able to distinguish the sounds that are produced by non-living objects, and living ones. If we could then direct our one-pointed attention to what the sounds of living objects are doing to our inner beings, and concentrate on that a process of awakening begins to unfold in our soul-astral realm as these sounds from living things invokes within our own soul- astral nature the processes that are taking place in the living things(animals and humans) that caused them to produce what-ever the sound could be. Whether it came from a flock of crows calling the others to where sources of sustenance maybe, to the change in the pitch of their calls when a predator such as a hungry cat is within their vicinity or when the entire flock is amongst themselves, and they simultaneously communicate with each other which seems as if they were having a heated argument over territory or sustenance. When we focus on what these sounds are producing within our own emotional nature, and the thoughts that are being invoked we may have a conscious experience of what the animal is feeling in its own inner nature as we concentrate on how the vibrations of sound produced by the animals calls, cries, shrieks, or barks are effecting our own inner nature. If we become adapted to this sort of perception within deeper levels of our being we may even have a conscious experience of merging our own consciousness with the consciousness of the animal. In India and surrounding countries there are religious Hindu mystics called Fakirs who are well skilled in these sorts of matters if we study the literature of many 19th century European travellers to these countries, and their fantastic accounts of these ascetics:

         ‘We have seen in India a small brotherhood of fakirs settled around a little lake, or rather deep pool of water, the bottom of which was literally carpeted with enormous alligators. These amphibious monsters crawl out, and warm themselves in the sun, a few feet from the fakirs, some of whom maybe motionless, lost in prayer and contemplation. So long as one of these holy beggars remained in view, the alligators were as harmless as kittens. But we would never advise a foreigner to risk himself alone within a few yards of these monsters….’
    (Isis Unveiled, Chapter 11, Page 252, H.P. Blavatsky)

         When we concentrate, and contemplate on what is occurring in our own feelings, and thoughts when we hear the sounds of nature this new type of perception is born, and once cultivated, and nurtured this perception grows, and becomes strong. We may enter a desolate forest, and upon doing so practice this art, and learn to perceive the imagination of nature* through its sounds. Not only the sounds of animals may have such an effect, but even the sounds of winds passing through a dense forest can have the same effect on our astral bodies when we focus on what`s going on therein, just by only closing your eyes and emptying the mind of all intruding thoughts, and focusing on what is happening within our inner beings when we hear such  mysterious sounds of rustling trees being mobilised by moderate to high winds passing through the forest. Not only do we become skilled at focusing on what`s going on within our own souls, but our actual physical auditory listening skill will after a certain length of time, and practice become more acute, and sensitive to the vibrations of sounds that we are not use to hearing such as the sounds of wood expanding due to being hit by the warm rays of the mourning sun after a long cold night. There is no end to the possibilities that can unfold as a result or results of these exercises which were taught, and practiced in the ancient occult mystery schools, and survive to this very day to be embraced by the occult student.  

         Along with the practice of listening to the sounds of nature, and perceiving its effects within our inner being or soul-astral nature we can also develop, and practice this art with our own kind by ridding ourselves of how we listen, and respond to human speech. It is quite easy to observe, and realize that when people communicate amongst themselves, one person speaks to another, and the other is quick to respond with their own opinions as a result of what is taking place within the inner being or soul-astral nature of the listener, they are quite swift in communicating their own opinion which varies according to what the conversation is about. If we ourselves are communicating with others we realize how easy it is, and how swift we are to voice our own opinions by responding to the speaker. In order to learn how to develop the ability of being able to perceive the inner soul-astral nature of another person through the sounds of the voice, and speech we have to learn how to silence our own inner nature when we feel compelled to voice our opinions toward the speaker, whether they be opinions of approval or disapproval, opinions of acceptance or rejection, or whatever it maybe. We must reach a stage where we can eradicate the feelings that we have within us that prompts us to voice these opinions which may prove difficult when we first begin to test this new way of listening, especially if another person is speaking to us. Opinions of approval, and disapproval are at most times unnecessary during a conversation as we may stand amongst a group of people, and just listen to them communicate amongst themselves, and listen to all kinds of contrary opinions that we may perceive to be like a force that flies back and forth between speaker and listener as they contradict or agree with each other. There may also be statements made(either positive or negative) amongst the group to initiate a conversation of sorts, and the limits of where the conversation may lead can be in many directions in regards to the topics of the conversation. When we begin our special listening experiment we must learn how to remain silent when others communicate, by doing so we can develop the ability of perceiving the soul-astral-nature of the person speaking within our own soul-astral nature, we begin to sense the feelings that the speaker is experiencing when they are speaking or even have their thoughts reflected within the sphere of our own mind. What we are learning to do is developing the ability of uniting or merging our own soul-astral nature with the soul-astral nature of the person who is speaking, we begin to perceive their own inner world within our inner world as a result of speech in all its modes and varieties. It is known that with this special practice the level of perception(within the soul-astral nature) within the listener can grow or expand to a level where the thoughts or the feelings of the speaker may invoke astral living images which may appear like realities within the sphere of the mind of the listener, at times these realities maybe of distant locations that the listener has never been to physically. 

         The implications of the exercise may even be far more reaching, and it requires a great effort on our part to develop these abilities. This does not mean that we have to strive to retain this inner silence all the time when somebody is speaking, we must first plan out this sort of exercise, and it is best performed in a lecture hall, a business meeting, or even a crowded coffee shop. After a period of about a month of performing this exercise along with listening to the sounds in nature already described above this form of listening will become a daily routine, and we can unlock an inner clairaudient perception within our own souls as we would be able to hear the speech that comes from the sphere of our own mind in the form of intuition. First it may develop into a wordless intuition which works in periodic states of mental lucidity in which the truths of our surrounding physical plane with its inward driving forces(etheric, astral, and mental) become perceived within our inner levels of being, and then it develops into a mode of intuition in which the past, present, and the future may be revealed within the sphere of the mind. 

         These types of operations act as prerequisites that will serve as a development for more advanced operations of perception of invisible forces, and substances that interblend within our own physical plane, and we come to realise that our entire surrounding environment, and our globe as well as the entire cosmic space, and all that it contains is guided from within outwards. ALL IS ONE!

    *The Imagination of Nature is the astral light of the astral plane, and its a world of its own, although it is intimately inter blended and connected with ours, it exists within us, and we exist within it. It has its own degrees of matter and objects that maybe visible or invisible to its inhabitants independent of physical existence or not. Within the mineral kingdom it acts as an attracting force, in the plant kingdom as a form of sentient life, in the animal kingdom as instinct, and in the human kingdom as desire, sensitivity, and emotions. Our universe is a manifestation of an Eternal Creative Wisdom and Intelligence in its various modes, which is a manifestation of the mind. An intelligence in which a universe may be brought into existence must be an Eternal Creative Infinite Intelligence when compared to our finite minds, but yet the two are really one. This Great Infinite Intelligence embraces every individual mind that has ever existed, exists now, and will ever exist, which will always be so, and it contains the seeds of everything that has, and will come into existence. Our thoughts, and ideas are states of our mind, and they collectively permeate the astral light, they may take form on the physical plane, and be shaped by physical substance. Within this imagination of nature we can become conscious of all the thoughts that ever were, and all the manifestations of all things which depends on the strength of the thought, and the potency of the manifestation which may have a lasting effect on the astral light. Our thoughts are living forces, and their essence remains within the astral light depending on their strength, and potency, even long after they have passed through our sphere of mind which can be perceived by those who have developed the perception of seeing into this astral light within their own beings. We do not create thought, as all the thoughts, and ideas exist within the astral light, and they flow into the spheres of our minds on the mental plane, all we can do is combine, and unite them with other ideas, and they maybe perceived by several minds who are receptive to their living force within the astral light. Thoughts, and ideas contained in the astral illumination of the imagination of nature reflect their images within the centers of our minds which depends on our capability of being receptive to them, and if we develop the capability of concentrating on what occurs within our own being by listening to the sounds of other living beings whether it be the famished cry of an animal or the modes of speech of the human voice our inner perception can be carried by the shifting currents of the astral light within the imagination of nature.

    We all have experienced a moment in time where we were faced with life giving us a rotten lemon. Obviously this is a metaphor for when things don’t work out. For those who are familiar with astrological influences can also attest for the current mishaps of Mercury Retrograde. For this is a period where things almost seem destined to not go the way we wish or plan. Sometimes frustration comes about, especially for those who feel that their time is wasted. As much as this can be seen as an unpleasant time, a glimmer of hope and benefit can arise from any moment. In this case, it is a time to reassert our thinking to offer up new perspectives of old problems. It also allows us to test our endurance while challenging our actions. It is a stage of growth that allows us to learn from our previous experience to take what we can do to the next level.

    On a fundamental level, our actions can be compared to an energetic currency that we can willfully spend wherever we wish. This transaction is based on what we have to give, and can be understood to be one of abundance. We have our individual experience to help offer a rippling deed to the world we are apart of. This can range from those closest to you who need a shoulder to cry on to simply a passerby in the street whose day can be lifted with a compliment. The action to do good for more than the self has an ever growing reach to influence a fractal chain of revered positivity. For the concept of love & allowing one to feel good is something that no currency can truly buy. The experience alone is not only a driving force to keep us going, but to inspire us to know that even when we are not at the highest of highs, that there is still a path to walk that brings about opportunity of well being.
    When you accommodate those who are not self aware of their true self or their actions in the world, a proverbial one way street is formed. But the opportunity to do good that reflects the heart is still accounted for in this ever changing vibrational world. Our deeds are the seeds we sow to be kind & thoughtful - to make the most of what we can give or create. As for those who are awake to one’s own self, we share moments with individuals who have not taken the journey to uncover the within. We do not penalize them but instead replace their actions, no matter how inadequate, with an essence we relate to love. It is a quest of endurance that is a necessary trait to possess when riding the roller coaster of life.

    We each have our path that we have chosen to take so that growth can be achieved. Attracting what is present, so that we may each reach a realization. Some may become stagnant & fall for illusions while others will excel at the speed of light. These differences may drive us apart but a full circle will be formed in the eventual. Do not be held back by others & follow the music in your heart. This connection you share is your intuitive drive - providing you with doors of opportunity to let you shine for who you truly are -- as a person, as a creator being, as a beautiful soul.

    It is important to not only find yourself, but to be grateful for what you can do on the blank canvas presented to you each day. Remember to make the most of it, you would be surprised the difference you can make in the world.

    The Moon has brought a unique balance with the Earth & has accompanied her journey for millions of years. Over the course of our current civilization, the moon has shared different associations within religions & spiritual practices. For some, the Moon has played a crucial role that helped us to understand feminine energies, emotions, and even cycles. In astrology, the moon can best be associated with Cancer, a water sign known for being deep in touch with emotions. A great example of a gemstone that has a direct affiliation with the Moon is Moonstone, known to be associated with inner harmony & rebirth. As seen by the tides, the energy of the moon holds influence within us, animals, and all living forms of creation on planet Earth.

    We can captivate and harness the energy of the Moon by being aware of the healing energies it transmits through the night sky. The opportunities offered during the phases of the moon help to manifest goals & growth. The new moon is a time to set intentions & recognize your goals. As it waxes, the time calls for action to support bringing them into fruition. Once the moon is full, the energies that are available are exceptional. You are both receiving light and are in the crosshairs of the increasing energy released from our central star.  As the light wanes, it calls for a time to let go of what no longer serves your growth. Bringing it back to the rebirth stage of a new moon.

    A full Moon also is an encouraging time to go within yourself and meditate. Allow your mind to settle, as you breath deeply in and out, letting yourself go. An open connection to the lunar influence will to help improve connecting within yourself so that you may bring awareness to your path of life. Writing down any revelations can prove to be enlightening as your review your inner explorations.

    La Luna
    By AnnMarie Patten

    Full Moon
    How you glow before us in the cosmic sky.
    Your radiating & iridescent light
    hitting through the panes of the window.

    The sill
    Where the crystalline stones bathe.
    Absorbing these lunar energies
    cleansing, charging, and activating.

    Oh Sweet Moon
    My eyes are closed as I breathe deeply
    Knowing you are there with me
    Bringing forth your welcoming glow

    You speak to me and tell me
    to “keep on going with the flow of life
    as I, La Luna, touch all of the universe in the Night
    As I help the tides go up and down, to & fro
    remember, like you and I; we are connected
    to the ebb and flow of life

    Remember to dance, laugh and smile
    even when grief strikes your heart
    Lest we forget that we are not far apart.

    I too go into darkness to become renewed again
    thats why its important to breath
    to inhale cosmic light
    exhale what no longer serves you
    as you go on your merry way

    you will notice your load in lighter
    on each given day.
    When you go deeper into the mind
    you will uncover transformation
    right before your eyes

    I look down to my hands
    and see my Moonstone gleaming
    I say,”I love the connection I share,
    the love within my heart that shines,
    reaching for the  starry night sky
    becoming whole like the full moon
    as I am reborn once again.”

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